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Who We Are

  • independent advertising company
  • creativity, professionalism, empathy
  • long-term experience with global clients
  • marketing and communication strategies
  • knowledge of legal and ethical constraints
  • individual and personal approach

We are a communications and advertising agency. We are a well-coordinated and stable team of experienced creatives, graphic artists, designers, visual artists, photographers, SW engineers, print experts, event promoters, technicians, production managers and exhibition organizers; each of us is an expert in his or her field.

Since 1997 we have helped with joy prestigious brands and clients, who share our passion for good graphic design and intelligent ideas, build relationships with their customers.

"We live for our work, we are flexible and reliableand work with absolute emphasis on quality."

We worked for companies such as:


Graphic Design

  • stationery and advertising production
  • visual communication solutions
    (logos, manuals, product themes)
  • web presentations, microsites
  • animated banners
  • studio and event photography
  • video spots, short movies, dubbing
  • graphic design of presentations
    (PowerPoint, Prezi, specialist posters)

In our studio, you will find experienced staff: creatives, graphic designers, DTP operators, proofreaders, specialists in 3D visualization and interactive presentations – but above all great people who are truly interested in your product and think with joy about its presentation.

Our specialization is focused primarily on informational and educational materials for physicians. We are sorry that due to legal restrictions, we cannot provide any explicit examples of our work on this site.

We have deep knowledge in pharmaceutical and medical fields, therefore we are able to design and produce original educational projects and publications.


  • long experience in printing
  • time-optimized print management
  • Total Quality Management
  • JIT / JIP deliveries
  • possibility of direct distribution to regions
  • proprietary storage in a tempered warehouse

Every year we process with joy more than 1,000 print jobs for our clients. From business cards to large publications, we pay special attention to every order. We use the latest printing technology – both in offset and digital printing.

Not only design, but also high-quality printing can make an impression. Therefore, our products include a variety of print specials, unconventional bookbinding processes or demanding personalized prints for Direct Marketing.

Digital production and software creation

  • web presentations
  • product microsites
  • animated banners, screensavers
  • interactive quizzes for iPads
    and for large screens
  • creating HTML5 presentations for iPads
  • localization of HTML5 presentations
  • creative e-mailing campaigns

We go with the times. In addition to the classic creation of websites, we have – as one of the first – offered our clients interactive presentations in HTML5 standard for company iPads.

"We do it a different way than others and we are very efficient in this area, thanks to close cooperation of designers and programmers as well as detailed knowledge of the presented products."


  • architectural designs
  • 3D visualizations
  • exhibition display production, installation and operation
  • staff provision
  • high-quality catering
  • interactive features and sideline programs
  • comprehensive service on a turnkey basis

Important components of integrated marketing the way we understand include the design and implementation of exhibition displays and "communication points". When designing them, we bear in mind that they are not only an application of the visual style of the presented products, but mostly a platform for pleasant communication of our clients with their customers. We deliver turnkey implementation of exhibition displays for our clients, including sideline programs, catering, staff and operation management.

"In this manner, we deliver with joy more than 50 exhibition displays every year at conventions, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs in the Czech Republic and abroad."

Conventions and Symposia

  • we propose suitable location and rooms
  • registration on-line and by phone
  • on-line collection of papers and abstracts
  • staff and technical support
  • catering and accommodation for participants
  • services for exhibitors and sponsors
  • VIP service for important guests
  • interpreting for foreign speakers

We also organize with joy special events. From small Advisory Boards through symposia, satellite symposia, expert seminars, conferences to large conventions with international attendance.

We support the success of a convention or a symposium with professional services of our graphic design studio..

"Each event is unique and designed to deliver high-quality and pleasant environment for meetings of professionals."

Our Events

MORAVIAN CONGRESS OF PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY 2017, Audiotorium A01, Mendel University, Zemědělská 1
7th of April 2017 at 10 a.m.

Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Clinic of Pediatric of the University Hospital Brno and Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University in cooperation with OSL ČLK Brno City

Expert guarantor: MUDr. Pavel Vít

Regional conference on Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Conference for all who want to learn more about the disease and the treatment of IBD

Go to event website

IV. symposium of pediatric IBD casuistics

Meeting of pediatric gastroenterologists with international participation

Go to event website

Small Academy

Specialized Czechoslovak symposium focused on schizophrenia treatment

Go to event website

Autoimmune Diseases in Clinical Practice

Interdisciplinary symposium on biological treatment IMID

Go to event website

Brno Dermatology Day of Antonín Trýb

Traditional meeting of dermatologists with international participation

Go to event website

Meeting of Czech and Slovak Paediatric Rheumatologists, Rheumatology Nurses and Physiotherapists

Specialized Czechoslovak congress of pediatric rheumatologists, rheumatology nurses and physiotherapists

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  • graphic design must follow the book content
  • we pay attention to each and every page
  • we use high-quality paper
  • we contract reputable printing houses
  • we organize book distribution
  • we promote the sales of our titles

We run Grifart Publishers for joy. It is not aimed at mass book production. On the contrary, we only issue titles with high quality graphic design, thematically "worthy" and bringing readers something useful.

From our titles

doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
prof. MUDr. Karel Pavelka, DrSc.
PhDr. Andrea Levitová, Ph.D.
Goodbye back pain

Current hectic times place high demands on our performance. We carry the burden of our responsibilities and often we take upon ourselves so much that we can barely carry it. That is just one of the possible causes of back pain, but certainly not the only one. This book deals with back pain comprehensively. From its cause through various types of pain, where the cause could be even a more serious illness, to prevention and its alleviation.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
doc. MUDr. Jiří Dort, Ph.D.
MUDr. Eva Dortová
We have a preemie at home

The book is a loose sequel to the practical guide for parents of premature babies named Tiny Preemies. It starts in a period when your little fighter has won his fight for life and parents can finally bring him home. The book covers the pifalls of care and development of your baby in detail.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
Get to know men without words

The new book by Laura Janackova will help women discover men's hidden thoughts. Sure, no one has a guaranteed recipe to understand men, because every man, woman and situation are a little different, but there are certain body language signals that could give us a hint. If you are curious and investigative, the expedition into men's world will be challenging and fun at the same time.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
MUDr. Lumír Kantor, Ph.D.
Tiny Preemies

A practical guide for parents of premature babies. Some babies cannot wait and hurry so much to the world that they don't expect the right time to be strong enough to set off for a safe journey of life. They come to the world early. So early that they are really tiny babies who need help to fight for their lives under the sun. In spite of being the smallest of the smallest, however, a fighter grows in each of them too. A fighter for life. Our book is meant for all those mums and dads, who bravely fight for their happiness along with their preterm-born children.

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Dana Münsterová
Fairy Tales Not Only Among The Trees

This book contains fully illustrated fairy tales for children in which fairy Deniska discovers the world of trees and their elves. Kids learn interesting facts from interesting short stories about various trees that grow in the Czech Republic.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
Men Want Lovers

The book is a practical guide for women on how to become a man's the one single fatal love. It explains the love triangle from all sides – from the perspective of the man, the woman and the lover.

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PhDr. MUDr. Miroslav Krejčíř
This Is the Way Your Body Speaks

The book describes a new original psychological method 3AXIS Visual Language, allowing to "read" visual signs and expressions of a human.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
Life Is a Struggle

Practical psychological guide for cancer patients, their carers and relatives. The book is the first publication of its kind issued in Czech.

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doc. PhDr. Dr.phil. Laura Janáčková, CSc.
Men Want Beasts

Instructions on how to become an attractive, self-confident, communicative woman who knows what she wants. The book was nominated for the Czech Bestseller 2013 prize.

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Andrea Jarošová, Radek Jaroš
Hory, má panenko

The book shows Radek Jaroš, a top athlete and alpinist, through the eyes of his daughter Andrea Jarošová, who considers herself a café crawler and fails to understand what her father actually sees and looks for up there.

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Mgr. Anna Steinerová, prim. MUDr. Martina Kövari
A Comprehensive Physiotherapy View: for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

The first book on the topic of MS physiotherapy published in Czech. For this book we have also created a DVD with recommended exercises for patients.

doc. MUDr. Tibor Hlavatý PhD. a kol.
Living with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

A practical and comprehensive guide for patients with chronic IBD.

Bc. Hana Orlíková
Mini-kit for memory training

New and unique system for training mental abilities of people with cognitive disorders and as well as persons cognitively healthy.

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